Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight no prblem new moon thats diffrent

Twilight was easy to read but new moon, I cryed throught almost the hole beginning. When Edward leaves Bella because he thinks it would be esayer for her to live a normal life. Bella has a hard time and gets what fells like a hole in her cheast. She dosen't handle it well, soon she finds Jascob Black. Hes a Werewolf that is like a brother. Hes been her best friend in Forks since they were young. Jacob helps with her pain. When ever Edwards name was brought up Bella wraped her arms as tight as she could around her cheast (to hole the pain). Jacob could always tell what Bella dose and dosen't like. He didnt know why Bella always wrapped her arms around her cheast so when he asked her she would say "he took me with him" and "he hurt me but I still love him". Bella couldnt say his name. To find out what happends you have to read the book !!!

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